Born in 1965
in Palermo (Italia)
where lives and works

"My photos
within me
as a subjective expression
of the world about me"
Presentation of the book "PAST-EUPHORIA. POST-EUROPA." by Fabio Sgroi on Thursday 8th February at 6.00 pm at the European Library, Rome.
On line the Podcast of the last episode of Parole di Luce / The photograph on the radio with the interview with Fabio Sgroi.
From 18 January to 11 February at Plenum Gallery in Catania presentation and book singing of the book “PAST-EUPHORIA. POST-EUROPA.”
Interview of the XIX CENTURY, "Teatro della Tosse", Genoa
On January 18th in Genoa, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Genua, at the Teatro Della Tosse, the exhibition "Past Euphoria / Post Europa", curated by Salvatore Davě, will be inaugurated by the photographer Fabio Sgroi. In addition to the opening of exhibition, there will also be Crowdbooks to present the volume "Past Euphoria / Post Europa".
Crowdbooks e-store: On sale "PAST-EUPHORIA. POST-EUROPA.",
Photobook by Fabio Sgroi -> Visita il sito...
"PAST-EUPHORIA. POST-EUROPA.",Fabio Sgroi photos - exhibition sponsored by Galleria X3 & Goethe-Institut Palermo edited by Salvatore Davě, 17 dec 2016 - 20 Jen 2017 "Galleria X3" Palermo. Opening December 16, 2016, 18:30 Print the invitation
New box "Belgrade" 1/8 of 12 pictures, format 31x31 cm, limited edition 2015 -> Read more...

Photography is a form of discipline. One must follow his or her instinct and at the same time feel a sense of absolute freedom, allowing one to get closer to the subject without interfering with it.
It is quite difficult to successfully produce images that endure the test of time (the so-called good photos). We are continuously exposed to a kind of visual contamination that obscures our perception. The photographer is on perpetual quest to take in everything that comes into sight, digest it, and then represent it from a personal point of view.